About Us: Welcome to All Saints!

Our Mission

To love God by loving all others;
to serve God by serving all others;
and to grow in Christ
through prayer, worship, teaching, and study.

The Episcopal Church has been present in the Hillsboro area since 1852 with All Saints Episcopal Church being founded in 1914. We combine a traditional liturgical worship style with a progressive theology that welcomes everyone as deeply loved by God.

We are a church family that enjoys the journey of life through the Episcopal sequence of worship, liturgical seasons, study, and music.

We gather for worship each Sunday at 10 am.

Our Values

Sanctuary: All are welcome, heard, and cared for, whoever they are and wherever they are in their lives.

Stability:     Rooted in traditional Anglican/ Episcopal worship and spiritual practices.

Seeking:      Reaching towards God’s call and yearning for God’s Kingdom in this broken world.

Service:      Being Christ’s hands, feet, and voice in the world.